list of games

list of games

Dec 02, 2016
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powder or micro stuff
> the sandbox game: ios, android (craft new worlds)
> powder game: ios, android (when the wind blows the falling leaves…)

3d puzzles
> monument valley: ios, android (manipulate impossible architecture)
> back to bed: ios, android (take control of Bob’s subconscious guardian)
> tri : of friendship and madness : windows
> portal 1 : ios, android, windows (very well-known for its creativity)
> portal 2 : windows

2d puzzles
> hitman go: ios, android (navigate spaces on a grid and avoid enemies)

other kinds of puzzles
> last voyage: ios (a game about space that is not about spaceships)
> criminal case: ios, android (solve a series of murder cases)
> the stanley parable : windows (famous indie-game which continuously breaks the fourth wall)
> brothers : a tale of two sons : windows (control two brothers to solve puzzles)

building blocks
> minecraft: ios, android, windows (build with blocks)

time and coordination!
> stack: ios, android (stack up blocks as high as you can)
> the tower: ios, android (build the tallest tower to reach the sky)
> stick hero: ios, android (stretch a stick to reach the platforms)
> mr. jump: ios (help him jump his way through)
> pursuit of light: ios, android (help the little girl get out of her endless dream)
> musiverse : ios, android (“surf” to the sounds of your favourite songs!)

time and patterns
> dots: ios, android (simple, addictive & beautiful)

color and geometry
> blendoku: ios, android (amazing puzzle game about color)

simulation worlds
> tiny tower: ios, android (build and manage a tiny tower)
> the sims: ios, android, windows (strategic life simulation game)
> city skylines : windows (build your own city)
> sim city : ios, andriod, windows (build your own city)

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