maps, maps and maps!

maps, maps and maps!

Dec 04, 2016
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here some maps we find super nice and inspirational!

ancient maps: 
> david rumsey map collection: over 2000 pictorial maps
> antique maps: free to download and print
> historical map collection: amazing

infographic maps:
> how the world works: a series of interesting infographic maps
how people live: spanish source, but international visuals!
> good magazine archive: on flickr

lettering maps:
> 14 literary maps to explore: when words become drawings, that’s magic!
> maps and lettering: great combination

creative maps:
> portraits out of maps: by one artist
> stop-motion made using paper maps by piers faccini: so cool!
> maps by matthew picton: stunning and made with wires
> geological maps, planets and our solar system: colorful!
> mouse movement maps: original and created by the movement of mouse
> food maps: by henry hargreaves
> hand drawn map association: a lot of drawers for a lot of maps!

maps collection:
the map room: a weblog about maps
> mapsdesign: beautiful maps
> radicalcartography: a huge collection!

if you want discover more you can check our own repository of maps on pinterest with a lot of nice and amazing maps!



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