architecture 1o1

from january 5 to june 26, 2015

architecture to convert a place into a state of mind. apparently a simple task, actually a tricky operation. to (try to) understand, we split our journey into three parts: from nothingness to place (part 1), from place to space (part 2), from space to architecture (part 3).

architecture 1o1 is an introduction cam69 do my accounting homework to space and architecture divided into a six-month journey of 3 courses online on iversity, one final exhibition / graduation party and a one-week workshop “offline” / summer camp, in the woods of blankenrath, germany.

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> a super aggregator of architecture 1o1 student’s work, by andrew shapiro


the course archive some of our crew members made. soon, we’ll have slightly more sophisticated version (in terms of navigation). 


matchbox exhibition, june 19-21 2015, blankenrath, germany. our interpretation of george cam69 do my accounting homework perec’ “species of spaces” inside some matchboxes.


blankenrath (germany), june 22-26, 2015. magical times, #lovelove and memories…