design 1o1

learn by doing and transform your everyday life into 101 projects! everyday, a special package consisting of an animated-postcard + letter to trigger your imagination and a brief/homework to complete. every week, a new chapter and a quiz. from 15 minutes to one hour of daily work. the quicker, the better!

a journey into contemporary design through 101 exercises that started in october 2013 and ended in february 2014. 

a special voyage that ended with #blaueblumen, a two-day festival/exhibition in berlin.

design 101 can be found on twitter, youtube and facebook (the official design 101 page, the design 101 exercises page and the design 101 arena group).

learn more by visiting our  course archive here below.


the complete archive of the first design 1o1 course, organized by week / day / chapter.