design 1o1 redux

following the great success of design 1o1 (our first “1o1” course), we are happy to finally present you the special design 1o1 “redux” edition!

design 1o1 redux is an introduction sneha sexy xxx porno lesbian to design divided into a six-month journey of 3 courses “online” on iversity (part 1, part 2, part 3), one final exhibition / graduation party and an “offline” workshop / spring camp for which we go one step beyond.

this journey is also very special because our former teachers handed over more responsibilities to their students.  the idlab team keeps on producing the course contents (and correct the exams together with the course instructors), while the rest (the scary part) is completely run by the design 1o1 crew.

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redux cover

an archive of lessons for the design 1o1 redux course. since the course is still in progress, you can track the daily lessons here as well. 🙂


april 25 to may 1, 2016 in milan, italy. mixing digital and analog tools,
we will create the very first issue of the design 1o1 magazine!


april 23 to may 1, 2016 at base in milan. an exhibition of works produced by design 1o1 redux students. 


design 1o1 redux pt.1 (myself)

november 2 to december 27, sneha sexy xxx porno lesbian 2015: starting from our very own selves, we will collectively observe, translate and communicate many things, in a series of different ways and projects.


design 1o1 redux pt.2 (my house)

january 4 to february 28, 2016: spaces, furniture, objects, memories… so many fascinating elements to “rethink”! ready to transform your house and domestic life?


design 1o1 redux pt.3 (my world)

february 29 to april 24, 2016: design is everything. it is ourselves, our food, our clothes, our houses, our past… in this part, we will focus on designing our own worlds!