zine 1o1

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zine1o1 is a series of courses about fanzines. together, we explore the immense, diverse, creative and fun world of self-published magazines.
it all started on the last day of the spring camp of design 1o1 redux, where we produced zines as the final project. bin was so excited that she felt like sharing her experience with others. when she talked about the idea with stefano, he simply replied “why not”?
the whole design 1o1 community was then invited to take part in this new journey fan-gamble best dating sites for men and many accepted the challenge. People from all over the world have been working together to make zine 1o1 happen!
the whole idea consists of six standalone modules running over a period of 2 years. each module lasts four weeks. in the first year, we learn about the basic techniques of zine-making and in the second year, we combine techniques with content.
module 1 (5 september – 30 september 2016) was about introduction to fanzine and various techniques.
module 2 (6 march – 26 march 2017) is about the world of stamping zines. a very huge, exciting, and beautiful world to explore indeed.
module 3-6 will be announced later.
zine 1o1 is special, exciting, experimental and very unique in that it’s completely designed and run by volunteers from the design 1o1 community – from the idea to the production of content, from the running-of all activities to collecting and integrating feedback in order to improve the next modules.

see all contributions these amazing crew have made to the zine 1o1 course here

zine1o1 module 1

5 september to 30 september 2016: various techniques of making zines, e.g. typewriting, stamping, photocopying, collage, paper treatment, cut & fold, with a final project of making line zines.


6 march to 26 march 2017: exploring and dealing with the huge and exciting world of stamping. technique’s past and present, discussions and homeworks. 100% analogical. 100% of fun.

zine1o1 module 3

zine 1o1 module 3  (tbd)

May 2017

zine1o1 module 4

zine 1o1 module 4  (tbd)

September 2017

zine1o1 module 5

zine 1o1 module 5  (tbd)

January 2018

zine1o1 module 6

zine 1o1 module 6  (tbd)

May 2018