here, the matchboxes series that were sent to blankenrath, germany for the architecture 1o1’s final exhibition (june 19-21 2015). the students chose and interpreted 9 “species of spaces” from george perec’s book, using matchboxes.

the works featured below are from (in order of appearance):

> maria fleitmann (philippines)
> marina metaxa (greece)
> dragica nikolovska (macedonia)
> viviane becker (brazil)
> marina telezàn (serbia)
> ralitsa nenova (spain)
> lucia di pierro (italy)
> loic denoyelle (france)
> claire bolsens (belgium)
> barbara hoijtink (netherlands)
> rebecca porras (spain)

> sophia mark (germany)
> milena lozada (mexico)
> katy carter (usa)
> janet urbina nunez (mexico)
> bianca reink (germany)
> bin zhao (switzerland)
> clare lahiff (australia)
> mario pertile (brazil)
> chahrazed guir (algeria)
> mirielle esther (panama)
> jacqueline mccornick (usa)

> tatjana simjanovic (uk)
> gabriele hubel (germany)
> kristina neral (croatia)
> monica georgescu (romania)
> uwe stein (germany)
> dina neri (russia)
> mariela cordero (venezuela)
> karen lili (germany)
> rebecca porras (spain)
> mark david (italy)
> idlab (italy)

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