Day 17, Wednesday

dear all,

we are now visiting the parthenon, le corbusier’s favourite building.
it’s breathtaking. ready to get into proportions?


finally last evening, we uploaded our updated mini-encyclopedia!
you can find it in monday’s unit.

and in the discussions section, eva maria albiol gonzalez says:

“do you know the sketchbook project? what are you waiting for?!?
one of the most amazing projects i’ve ever seen (i haven’t participated yet, though). i am not able to choose just one of them, so please, take a look.”

if you have any questions about the sketchbook project, ask belinha fernandes (from the conversation thread). she participated in it last year.


btw: it’s not too late for newcomers to start the course! one thing that we would ask everyone is to keep a special design 101 folder on your computer with all the material you upload.

we have not forgotten about our “answers to your questions” announcement.
you should receive it very shortly…

kisskiss / lovelove

anne-sophie & friends



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: