Day 18, Thursday

dear friends,
good morning.

what a night we had…
so much turbulence up there!

but here we are, fine and dandy.
now spending time of quality with mr lee.
he’s teaching us lots of cool tricks (binding ones).

btw, we were so pleased to see your golden notebooks.
here are some we collected last night on facebook.

we have a new player with us: amy-jean prentice
find her on twitter at: (@amyjeanprentice).
she started with the homework 13 and,
from what we saw (just as mr lee),
she knows some tricks…

we hope she’ll share some more with us!


now, a special thanks to esther allerton
check out the great links she found for us here.

kisskiss / lovelove
anne-sophie & friends



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: