Day 19, Friday

Dear friends,

From stab binding in China to digitizing, animating and imitating life on paper in the Netherlands,
today’s postcard comes from the imagination of Evelien Lohbeck.

Here, paper is used as a window into our everyday lives, an interface between us and the “machines” that dominate the everyday.

Today’s task is to make a notebook (once again).
But this time, you start from a careful choice of paper.
Please: keep things simple!

As Le Corbusier said on Tuesday:
“Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois. It’s exactly the same for notebooks.”

Now, here are some picks from yesterday.

Also, a special thanks to all of those sending flowers in the arena
We should make a postcard with all of them!


Kisskiss / Lovelove

The Design 101 gang



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