Day 30, Tuesday

good morning to all

guess what?
we’ve just made it to osman’s place!

ouf… time and space these days…
we don’t really know how to say…

…and everywhere we go,
there’s always someone to remind me

about these stories within stories
philip timson. he has some good ones.
“what is your favourite story within a story”, he asked?

thank you philip.
it’s a nice thing to think about…


btw, special greetings to karima!
did you see what bill sylvester wrote about her shirt?

“karima’s shirt is not just good design
it is the highest form of fine art
picasso’s guernica is another example…”


thanks (to all) for being here…
for your passion, for your energy…
for the nice comments you wrote us yesterday…
we feel so lucky to be doing this with you,


anne-sophie & friends