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Day 31, Wednesday

dears friends,

from osman’s museum of innocence, a book and a place.
here we are transported into velasquez’ magnum opus.

because Katerina Psegiannaki talks about permeability and situationism.
yes indeed, her notebook is those things.
a web spun of different characters and interpretations.

speaking of perspectives, here’s a little (side) note from stefano:

Some of us are having very hard time.

One of the curious things of running a MOOC is to have students from all over the world.
Some of them come from places at war.

This is very strange. To get an apologize note: dear teacher, I am very sorry: I live in Damascus, we are at war.

Yesterday, I couldn’t make my homework because my cousin died because of a bomb.

: (

In the previous world, it was different.

Some people live in ok places, some people live in places that are at war.
Very sad for them, but then there is some kind of gap.
You see the news in TV, but that’s quite far away.

Very different to be in a condition where you get a message saying:
dear teacher, dear colleagues, sorry for not being able to make my yesterday’s origami bird because last night my house was bombed and people died.

Even more, you get this message, and you feel that there is nothing you can do.
And whatever you can write is finally, pretty much meaningless…

What to say?
We are happy to have you with us.
To be together, in an immaterial way, in a digital form.
I guess that it is better than nothing…

until next time
kisskiss / lovelove
giulia + friends