Day 53, Thursday

greetings from mexico,

dearest lidia leticia lemke: here we are!
today, we came to the yucatán peninsula…
but next time, we follow your suggestions!


now learning some mirroring tricks from an artist.
do you know robert smithson? the famous artist?

to design is very different than to make art,
but still, it is important to encounter and befriend artists.
they can teach us so many nice things…


let’s take michael jackson for instance,
he used to literally hate mirrors
he couldn’t bare seeing his pimples:

“i used not to look at myself,”

he said, but then,

who am i, to be blind?

pretending not to see…


anne-sophie & the design 101 crew



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: