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Day 82, Friday

dear friends,
greetings from poughkeepsie.

in this time of darkness,
we’re now hanging on trees!
with some help from our candlelight,
we are building hammocks…

(a little spooky)
we truly wish you were here…

the design 101 crew


the design 101 exhibition at designtransfer,

berlin university of the arts


“…the blue flower. it is constantly in my mind, and i can think and compose of nothing else. i have never been in such a mood.” henry in novalis’ henry of ofterdingen: a romance

ready for the show?

ready to show our works at the prestigious udk?

what: an online journey of 101 days celebrated into 101 projects
where: designtransfer, udk berlin, einsteinufer 43
when: 25-26 april 2014

who: 101 designers within the design 101 community will be chosen to exhibit a work which they will have made especially for the exhibition. an open call.

selection: last week of the design 101 course (3-5 february 2014)

the community choice:
25 highest voted projects from the iversity platform on the voting days (3-5 feb).

the social media choice:
25 most popular projects on facebook, twitter and instagram (#design1o1 hash-tagged pictures that received most likes, re-tweets, favourites, comments etc…). more will follow on how we will define (and count) these “most popular”.
every project posted on the above mentioned platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram) is eligible.

the design 101 choice:
25 projects selected by the Design 101 crew and iversity.
every project is eligible.

the designtranfer choice:
25 projects selected by designtransfer team.
every project is eligible.

stefi’s choice:
1 project selected by stefano mirti
every project is eligible.

am i eligible to participate in the voting phase?


is there a brief?

yes! the project’s brief will be revealed on week 14 of the design 101 course (jan 27).
the title of the exhibition should give you some hints…

what happens if i am selected?

you will need to bring (or send) your work to iversity (berlin) before april 21.

will it cost me money?

you will need to cover the charges of the shipment.
if you wish to have your work sent back to you, these shipping costs will apply as well.

will I get my work back?

if you want your work back, you will need to cover the charges of the shipment.

what happens if my work is damaged during the exhibition?

this would be very sad, but we will do our best for it not to happen. at the same time, we cannot take responsibility for these unfortunate events and thus, you will have to agree on taking the risk.

do i have to come to berlin?

no you don’t, but we would love you to come!
please let us know if you do so!

weren’t we supposed to have the show at the end of february?

yes, but logistical issues made us postpone the final exhibition to april.
however, we will have an informal meeting + party in berlin to celebrate the end of the course, on the week-end of the 21st / 23rd of february! from the design 101 crew, there will be anne-sophie gauvin, stefano mirti and giulia san gregorio. more will follow about this week-end in the next days.

keep tuned!

kisskiss / lovelove

yours truly,
the design 101 crew



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: