Day 90, Saturday


scrolling vintage_vogue on instagram.
striking a pose here and there.
gracing the cover of the magazine…

all you need is your own imagination
so use it that’s what it’s for
go inside, for your finest inspiration
your dreams will open the door…

greta garbo, and monroe
deitrich and dimaggio
marlon brando, jimmy dean
on the cover of a magazine…

they had style, they had grace
rita hayworth gave good face
lauren, katherine, lana too
bette davis, we love you

yes, striking a pose…
getting lost in illusion, daydreaming, losing track of time…
but finally

here we are, enjoy!

the design 101 crew

ps. we had problems uploading the video…
it still doesn’t work on the platform,
but you can check it out on youtube.