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Day 99, Monday

dear all,
this is stefano writing.

normally the announcement is written either way by anne-sophie or by giulia.
today is different, today is a special day because of yesterday’s video postcard and letter.

i’ve been teaching for some twenty years.
all kind of schools, all kind of places.
lots of students, lots of homework, lots of nice and beautiful stuff.

but yesterday was something different.
the students’ video & letter was definitely one step beyond.

sometimes you have a talented student making something exceptional.
but here it is different: never heard of a big group of students producing the best content of the whole class.

i think that we did our best in our daily production.
and i also thought that our daily production was excellent.

i was very happy to understand that i was wrong:
our students were able to do better.


i don’t have words to thank all the people who worked on the fantastic production.

i was speechless, same was for pierluigi, anne-sophie, giulia and the whole crew.

i can’t wait to meet the ones who will come to the informal meeting in berlin at the end of february (21/22 february).
even more, i can’t wait for the final exhibition.

all of us,
we started design 101 as an experiment.

it was an experiment for us, as well as for you.
now we have a group of some hundreds of people really motivated.
we have a core-group of incredibly talented and passionate people.

as we said in our first video,
this class was an excuse.
the real goal was to set up a community.
now, it seems, that the community is actually there.

it is a powerful community.
if you could do that video, you can do anything you want.

what do we want to do next?

let us know…

for the time being,


thanks again for sharing the energy spilling off your

beautiful minds


dear students,
this is now anne-sophie writing… :-)
and here i am with today’s shipment!

thank you for yesterday’s present…
(thank you very very much…)