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Day 101, Wednesday


this is (almost) it…
we’ve made it to 101…
thanks to you…

it was indeed a pleasant stay!
my bags were packed, last night pre-flight…

zero hour nine a.m.


but see you soon!


and now,
a special message from stefano:

dear all,
looks like we’ve made it.

our long journey came to its end.

we made our 101 video-postcards and letters,
you made an enormous amount of exercises…


i should now write the farewell note,
but i am not so good in these kinds of things.

farewells imply looking back,
and my nature is all about looking forward.

lots of things to look forward to.

we will be in berlin in few weeks to meet some of you.
we will be able to get to know each other and see if we want to invest some extra passion and energy on our great project.

we will have an exhibition in april.
we can make more flowers (if i was the curator of the show, i would call for some more abstract and conceptual entries…)


we can invent a lot of things…
(or, maybe, we get some rest).


this whole thing has been truly fantastic and mesmerizing.
i’ve done a lot of projects in my life, but i’ve never done something like this.

a very fascinating, tiresome and exciting experience.

let’s use these next days and weeks to transform the end of design 101 into the beginning of something else (if this makes sense).

too many people to thank.
but without the endless energy and love of anne-sophie and giulia, nothing could have happened.

thank you anne-sophie
thank you giulia
and thanks to pierluigi, andrea, elisabetta, lorenzo, valeria, lucia…

what else?


stefano mirti