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Day 2, Tuesday

Day 2. Here we go!

Dear all,

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning here in New York City, and we are at Chelsea Hotel.

We have received an outstanding amount of great feedback. Thank you everyone!

As you are experimenting with the platform, so are we.
For the time being, we understood that the best way to use the discussion forum is to use it to trigger new conversations, to generate new content and ideas.

For instance, thanks to George Mankas for his fantastic: “How many dogs can you fit in the moon?”. That was a very nice one!

Also Srinivasan Reghuraman had a good one: “Where are you from, and what does design mean to you?”. The conversation triggered by these very simple questions, they were the best things of the day!

The discussion forum has to be intended as some kind of gold mine.
We know that there is gold, but to find it we have to dig (because we don’t know where it is). It’s a game, it’s a treasure hunt. Are you ready to play with us?

We spent last night digging, and we found so many precious things!
What did you find?

By the way, of course, you understand if we have not the chance to respond to all of your questions, but we do follow the whole thing pretty closely.


PS n. 1
In today’s video postcard, we did a little mistake when we get to the brief.

: (

Simply put, today’s assignment is: ask a friend to take a picture of you and take a picture portrait of yourself.

PS n. 2
Here is the best thing we were able to find yesterday:

Nina S Danijel (@NinchieSD on Twitter) wrote in the discussion forum:
“design is to sleep with my notebook and pencil under my pillow”.


Looking forward to find some more glorious stuff today…

Thanks for all + have a nice day

Kisskiss / Lovelove

Design 101 gang



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: