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Day 4, Thursday

Dear all, here we go!

Greetings from Hong Kong’s Kowloon.

People are crowding the streets, and we are enjoying an authentic and delicious Chinese dim sum.

How fitting!
Today’s brief is to prepare and cook your favourite dish. Take a photograph, then, as a caption, share the written recipe with us.


Amid all the hustle, the team has created a group on Facebook where you can freely share your thoughts, emotions, and references (as a complement to discussions happening on the platform).

Finally, it took us four days, but now we have a clear understanding of how we should work:

We give you a brief
You upload the image (your homework) under the daily pdf letter
You participate to the conversation in the “discussions” forum
If you like to get feedback and comment, then you upload your picture / homework in the Facebook group.

Please note:

To upload the image on the iversity platform is extremely important in terms of “archive” (collecting all we do).

Given the structure of the platform, it is impossible to have any kind of meaningful conversation there.

Hence we set up this group on Facebook, where we can have real and meaningful interactions.

Links you need:

Design 101 facebook page
Design 101 facebook exercises
Design 101 facebook arena

The page is to follow what’s going on (in general terms)
The “exercise” is to see our picks (things that fascinate us the most)
The “arena” is where everyone can participate, post, comment, lalalala…

One very important thing!
If you don’t want to use Facebook, if you prefer another platform,
if you have better ideas, please do tell us.

Ideally, in a couple of weeks, the content we are producing will be spread all over the net, using multiple channels, tools, websites.

The fact that the iversity platform is not really good to have conversations on what we do is an excellent excuse to spread Design 101 all around (using all kinds of different tools).


We found some great stuff.

A special thanks to Sina Ahmadzadeh for his “How much time it takes for a “paper bird” to fly from NY to Hiroshima?” which sparked quite a conversation leading to Rosanna Li’s cute short story.

Also, Ewa Tuteja (@ET2point0) talks about the power of transformation, “Origami is the art of folding paper into an artifact… Only after carful work, its beauty is revealed.”

Finally, Cris Nelsom plays with words:
“I made a bird… finally. For some reason origami eludes me. I did make a cat, though. I think it ate my bird.”

Talking about eating, this stirs up our appetite. Maybe one or two more dumplings before hitting the road.


PS n.1

When talking about the course, don’t hesitate to use our official hashtag, #design1o1, in order to better connect us all!

PS n.2

Here some parting thoughts by Isabel Leal:

“Things I’ve learned today:
1. An old Japanese legend promises that anyone who makes a thousand paper cranes will make a wish. I’ve done one, I have 999 to do.
2. Origami is simple but not easy.
3. We are used to doing things at full speed. Origami requires time, patience and calm.
4. Origami is funny.
5. Where you read “origami”, you can put “design” and it’s meaningful.”

Thank you for all the love + have a bright day!

Kisskiss / Lovelove

Anne-Sophie, Giulia and the Design 101 gang


Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: