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Day 5, Friday

Bonjour d’Afrique
Dear all,

Feel the rhythm!
Today, we are in Bamako, Mali, Africa.

We happen to pass by during their celebrated mask dance.

What a beautiful sight: dancing colours, stomping feet, and a vibrating ensemble of drums! And let’s not forget those beautiful masks.

The task of the day is to create a mask that represents you. Yesterday, we spoke about the importance of process. Now, you are asked to tackle a real project, from start to finish. It’s time to free yourself of self-doubt and go. Do. Make.

We want to see your self-expression.



Design 101 Arena is well underway. The community is growing at already more than 600 members. Go see what’s happening.

We have also noticed many groups forming on different social media which shows a desire to receive and give feedback. But the platform, which contains all the course’s material, stays our main place of action. It is where you receive instructions and upload your pics.


These past days, a great initiative was launched by Santiago Esteves with his “Design 101 Student’s map”. Let’s starting mapping our community!

Also, we received an interesting question from Timoth Mwaijande:
“Does the course strictly target people with smart devices like smart phones, laptops, cameras. What about the person who just has a desktop pc at home and wants to take the course… How can u advice this dude?”

Well Timoth, what is absolutely necessary is an internet connection and a webcam. Since we are spreading the content all over the net, anyone with these essentials can follow us on our journey choosing their preferred media tool may it be on the platform, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.


Thank you for all the warm feelings + have a colourful day!

Lovelove / Kisskiss

Giulia, Anne-Sophie, and the Design 101 team

ciao cari,
this morning we were so excited that we forgot to give you the link to today’s video-postcard and letter.

sorry sorry!

here we go: fly with us to mali, land of dogon, and land of incredible design!

once we are in the ps world, a couple of thoughts from my side.

read this short note written by laurie anderson on lou reed: “…he was a prince and a fighter…”.

to be a prince and a fighter,
this is a very nice definition of what a designer is. any opinion from your side?


regarding external platforms to share our contents,
obviously, we keep posting and using the iversity platform (absolutely necessary to keep our design 1o1 complete archive).
then, we added the “arena” on facebook (to add a channel of conversation).

if you prefer other systems (flickr, pinterest, tumblr, etc.etc.etc.), please do use them!

if we give you a brief and you comply, this is a class.
if we give you a brief and you come up with a cool idea and you convince other people to follow you, this is design at its best.

very curious to see some alternative ways to spread the conversation around…

regarding the question asked by timoth mwaijande (i have no camera, no smartphone, no scanner, just a pc: how do i do the homework?).

this is the question of the day.
we are designers: how do we come up with some meaningful answers?

if i was to say,
i would suggest to find some digital sketching tool to be used on your desktop (there are a lot of free software on-line).
and then i would draw all the assignments.
when we tell you to take a photo, you draw instead,
from your pc.
and then you collect all your drawings in a gallery, and you give us the link.

at the end,
this would result as one of the most compelling body of work out of design 1o1.

if you want to be even more interesting and extreme, you would simply write about what you do.
101 exercises where you give us a written description of your activities.
no images, only text.

again, at the end, you would have a great book with a text-based description of visually oriented activities (this would be extremely cool).


other ideas?

this is all for today,



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our students’ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: