Day 8, Monday

Dear all,

We’re back in Berlin, where it all started.
From time to time, we like to come back to our temporary home.

Sorry/sorry for yesterday: we caught up on some sleep.

: (

Keeping an eye on everything, demands for a fantastic amount of energy, and then in the morning, everyone was dead, like if we were in the Kinks’ Dead End Street….

By the way, not sure we already told you this: we truly love the Kinks, and the above linked video is one of their best things ever…
Did you know that our secretary, ms Lola, was hired because of her name?
Stefano found her to be very smart and cute, but much to his surprise…

*…we met her in a club down in old Soho
where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola
see-oh-el-aye cola

she walked up to me and she asked me to dance
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola
El-oh-el-aye Lola la-la-la-la



Back to business!
Today, our batteries fully charged, we are all set to dive full force into the course.


The task of the day is to answer the quiz.
As you have noticed, the quiz is something odd for you as well as for ourselves.
As the Americans would say: “don’t ask / don’t tell”.
Answer the questions, and then, prepare yourself for the week.

Now, some news from our channels…

In the Arena:

Alejandra Carrasco compared the platform to the Bermuda Triangle:
“Once you upload your homework, you never find it again…”.

It got Stefano excited: “I love to be in charge of class on a ship sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. Hopefully we won’t crash into the Crystal Pyramid”.


Alejandra: thanks for your hint, soon you’ll get a postcard from Bermuda

From Twitter:

We found nice examples of online notebooks:

Evelyn is documenting her homework on a nice blog, while Christiane S. (@theimageisalive) is keeping her own digital log.

Karen Purves (@karenpurves) has a point:

“@design1o1 Plse add guidelines 2 peer feedback. What is happening is not healthy… I know it is a reflection of society. Just not a good 1.”

She goes on to talk about negative voting and notes, “Online behaviour is different to F2F Online people have less connection.”


What to say… Let’s see how it develops in the next days.
We could try to add guidelines, frames and levees, but given your numbers, we are not so sure of how viable this would be.

For the time being, the mood is good, a lot of action, a lot of energy…

Life is beautiful but it is also about survival…
Life is a jungle (but we are not animals).

Our guidelines?
Everyone must focus on their own immune systems! Now!


Kisskiss / Lovelove

The Design 101 clan


I ain’t got no home, ain’t got no shoes
Ain’t got no money, ain’t got no class
Ain’t got no skirts, ain’t got no sweater
Ain’t got no perfume, ain’t got no beer
Ain’t got no man…

Yesterday, we mentioned two lamps from Stefano’s house (actually to be precise, they are from Racha’s house, were Stefano is some kind of regular guest).

Here they are, one by Isamu Noguchi and the other by Issey Miyake.
Aren’t they cute? Dig on Noguchi and Miyake, you would be surprise on what you will find…