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Day 13, Saturday

Dear all,

From getting dressed in Tokyo to floating inĀ outer space, it has been a long trip. Phew…

Imagine our surprise to see all sorts of strange objects orbiting Earth along with us.
Things borrowed from 10000 years of human history.


On other news,
a new feature on the platform allows you to see yourĀ activity history. This way everything you posted is gathered in one place: questions, “answers” a.k.a. homework, and comments. To check it out go to the top right corner inside the course on iversity, click on your name and choose “My Activity.”


We have discovered new blogs recording homework from Design 101. Here is aĀ oneĀ from Filipina Wanderer andĀ anotherĀ from Maria Ellis.

On Facebook, Christien Physalis shared aĀ cool video.

She asks, “Do you like playful fashion? I do!”
Yes of course, we love playful things.


Kisskiss / Lovelove

The Design 101 crew



Every day throughout the course, we picked some of our studentsā€™ works from the iversity platform and posted them on our Facebook Design 101 Exercises page. Here is our daily selection: