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About Design 101


The Design 101 archive gathers all the quizzes, daily announcements, videos, letters and teachers’ selection of homework from the Design 101 (or Design Basics) course.

A journey into contemporary design through 101 exercises that started in October 2013 and ended in February 2014. A Whoami production for iversity. A collaboration between the Abadir Academy of Fine Arts and IdLab.

Learn by doing and transform your everyday life into 101 projects! Every week, a new chapter consisting of a quiz, seven postcards/letters/briefs outlining a few simple activities to trigger students’ imagination. From 15 minutes to one hour of daily work. The quicker, the better!

Students referred, thought and created lots of different things. Not easy, but lots of fun! Everyday, a special package from a different place. The package introduced objects, characters and happenings and consisted an animated postcard and letter.

A special trip that ended with #blaueblumen, a two-day festival/exhibition in Berlin.

Design 101 can be found on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (the official Design 101 page, the Design 101 Exercises page and the Design 101 Arena group).