tuesday (092/101)

tuesday (092/101)

Apr 05, 2016


greetings from Savoy Restaurant, greetings from Helsinki

:- )

you know, design is about understanding the complete series of solutions to a given task:
hence understanding where you are in the series (and never forgetting that eventually, good is better than original design)

find this and that and much more in our letter.

:- )

we found many beautiful references on instagram. thank you for sharing them!

one thing to keep in mind: a “magazine” should be easily reproducible. imagine you have to make 25 copies of it… would it be possible in a “relatively” short amount of time?

we strongly suggest you to go for the quick, the fast, the simple, the smart!


see you on instagram: keep on pushing!

kiss kiss love love
anna, chahra, cristina, miri & the Design 1o1 Crew

download pdf letter in:

english  russian  portuguese  spanish

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