monday (096/101)

monday (096/101)

Apr 11, 2016

hello hello,
five to go!

greetings from Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie!
an interesting gate to welcome you to the new world: you have almost arrived at the end of this very special Design 1o1 Redux journey.

:- )

today / this week is “exam” time: add content to your zine and deliver your first 3 editions:

one about Yourself
one about Other People
one about Your World

please read our letter carefully and follow the instructions!
will you come to Milan for our final exhibition and workshop?
we do hope so + look forward to meeting you all in real life.

remember that this year, you can also attend our workshop online.

cool isn’t it?

to book your place (online or in presence), carefully read the instructions and send a nice letter to ms. Lola.


kiss kiss / love love
anna, chahrazed, cristina, miri and the Design1o1 crew

ps. let’s start with our very long thank you notes:

translation teams: the first one is for you precious friends that every day (good weather / bad weather / very bad weather) had been with us spreading our lessons all over the world.

THANK YOU + lots of love to

Elena Bogatyreva, Olga Tretyak , Dina Neri (russian team), Mario Pertile, Glaucia Burgi, Viviane Becker (portuguese team), Ralitsa Nenova, Paulina Muñoz, Janet Urbina, Milena Lozada and Mariela Cordero (spanish team)

ps 2. don’t be sad, new adventures are just around the corner, stay tuned/ send your zine / join our online workshop if you can’t make it to come to Milan

download pdf letter in:

english  russian  portuguese  spanish

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