monday (097/101)

monday (097/101)

Apr 25, 2016

hello hello

greetings from BASE in Milan: our spring camp has just started and we miss you all!
yet we are very happy: our zines arrived from all over the world, they traveled a long way but finally they found their place here!

: o

thanks to all who are participating in this exhibition, we are truly making something #supersuper together!

here we are sitting around the same table, some of us physically, other digitally. it will be a special week.
(we are waiting for you + find more in our facebook group arena)

: -)

“My aim is to put down on paper what i see and what i feel in the best and simplest way.”

Ernest Hemingway

nice quote to start, isn’t it?

today is all about documentation: a very important step before we go further.
moreover, we are working on the prototype of the articles: everybody chose a topic to go through and turn into an article.


see you tomorrow,
kiss kiss / love love

anna, chaharazed, cristina, miri and the whole Design1o1Crew

p.s. today’s video was inspired by a work from @cubagua.

download pdf letter in:

english  russian  portuguese  spanish

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