tuesday (098/101)

tuesday (098/101)

Apr 26, 2016


while our online/offline workshop is running smooth and fine, we are thinking of all of you..
you know that we’ve been together for the past 97 days?

: o

we are amazed!

this Design 1o1 Redux journey is coming close to an end.

of course, there will be new beginnings… can you imagine what will these be like?
we reckon they will be quite nice, clean and simple..


something to remember:
“my hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.”
Tadao Ando

and now… thank you – thank you time!
today our warmest thanks go to our Mammamias Ladies:

dears amazing, brilliant, very talented and super cool @rightfromthesoul, @mani_elab,  @t.simianovich, @melindagyorgy, @sarah.design1o1 (a.k.a. @sarahkaushick) everyday you found the time to design the smoothest process to check, discuss and evaluate all (yes all) the work submitted and repost (with the coolest hashtags) only the best and most consistent in our @design1o1 account. If all of this has been so special, it is thanks to you!
#weloveyou #design1o1reduxsuperheroes

thank you also to @sabrosas_journal and @caturinn (amazing and very talented too) we missed you in last part girls!

last but not least, a very special thank you to our dearest @clareuna that has been a welcoming, acute and consistent presence for all the students. #lotsoflove


see you tomorrow then,
kiss kiss / love love

anna, chaharazed, cristina, miri and the whole Design1o1Crew

p.s. today’s video was inspired by a work from @soniarc

download pdf letter in:

english  russian  portuguese  spanish

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