friday (101/101)

friday (101/101)

Apr 29, 2016

once again, greetings from BASE Milano!

this is one of our last emails, and we are proud to leave you (for now) with a little present for those of you who are doing the exams on iversity (ects + certificate track).

the exam deadline shifted from 2nd to 6th of may!

now, enjoy today’s video (inspired by @louis_conway work) and get to work!


are you ready for a new beginning?
we are!
would you like to know more?
good, you know where to find us…

:- )

bye bye for now
kiss kiss / love love as usual

anna, chahrazed, cristina, miri and the whole Design1o1Crew

ps. 1 thank you – thank you ms Lola, the most cheerful and mysterious presence in our design 1o1 universe

ps. 2 thank you- thank you Nuphap for our beautiful website!

ps . 3 thank you – thank you dearest sweet talented Giulia, how could we do it without you?

ps. 4 special thank you – thank you note for our dearest Anne-Sophie:
your super cool + brilliant + interesting lessons brightened up our past 1o1 days,
we wish (yet we are quite confident about it) that your dreams come true, very very soon..

ps. 5 special thank you – thank you message for the one and only Stefano: it was a pleasure and an honour to work with you!
long live design 1o1!

:- )

download pdf letter in:

english  russian  portuguese  spanish

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