news, publications…

news, publications...

23 December

presentation at #dclass conference 2015 – berlin (feb 2015)

15 December

reinventing school – an article by lucia giuliano and stefano mirti, icon design magazine (in italian, oct 2015)

28 December

#design the brave new world – an owner's manual / presentation by stefano mirti and anne-sophie gauvin, retune conference (sep 2014)

28 December

the goods on the future education: online courses – a pechakucha presentation by mirielle esther robles, panama (in spanish, may, 2014)

22 December

#masseducation: from design 101 to architecture 101 – an article by anne-sophie gauvin, perspectivas magazine (in spanish, nov 2014)

10 December

design1o1, the mooc that rocks! – an article by isabelle ayel (feb 2014)

01 December

from design schools to design communities design 101: a community-based learning – an article by our instructors (jan 2014)

01 December

architecture online and offline, between the sea and the sky – an article by anne-sophie gauvin and mario la malfa (sep 2014)

24 December

a few questions on open online design education – a conversation between florian a. schmidt and stefano mirti, medium publishing platform (aug 2013)

15 December

design, schools and mythopoetics – a presentation by stefano mirti, lucia giuliano, anne-sophie gauvin (jun 2013)

07 December

the community is the message – an article by stefano mirti, abitare magazine (in italian, may 2013)