some digital app we like

some digital app we like

lucy in the sky…

> prismscope: ios (kaleidoscope camera)
> kaleidoscope drawing pad: iosandroid (back to childhood! easy + pretty)
> fragment: iosandroid (collage + prism, $ 1.99)

we let it rain

> colorlake: iosandroid (add water / rain to photos + make videos)
> rain on screen: android (enjoy the raindrops)

we love special effects

> negative me: ios (reversing colors)
> glitche: ios (digital art, image editor, very complete, 0,99 euro)
> glitch lab: ios (digital art, image editor, glitch maker, free)
> marblemagic: iosandroid (lens effect, pics editor)

we blend / overlay stuff

> fused: ios (image + video blending)
> image blender: ios (combining images with masks, 2,99 $)
> stackables: ios (layers, blending)
> ghost lens: ios (real-time image blender)
> instant blend: ios (combine images to create double exposure)


> auto cam: ios (timer for portraits)

we keep digital notebooks

> paper 53: ios (notes + sketches + watercolors)
> bamboo paper: iosandroid (notes, sketches, drawing)
> sketchbook express: iosandroid (sketching tools for ipad and tablets)
> inkflow visual notebook: ios (a word-processor for visual thinking)
> tayashui sketches: ios (sketching tools, lot of patterns)

we publish some as well!

> steller: ios (quick, easy, social)
readymag (pretty awesome features)
> issuu: iosandroid (magazines for all, feel the paper)

sometimes, we need vectorial stuff

> adobe illustrator draw: iosandroid (scalable vector illustration)

in our free time, we play

> dots: iosandroid (simple, addictive & beautiful)
> blendoku: iosandroid (amazing puzzle game about color)
> tinder: iosandroid (work hard, play hard) 😉

3d morphing, lights and colours

> 3d shape shifter: ios (drawing, touch, 3d morphing)
> magical rays: ios (drawing, touch, light)

generative stuff

> artree: ios (drawing tree, $ 0.99)

drawing / painting

> glow draw: iosandroid (drawing with glowing colors)
> scribblify: iosandroid (drawing, spectacular artwork in seconds!)
> fingerpaint magic: ios (painting, special effect, more complete than meritum)
> sumo paint: ios (symmetry tool, an experience!)
> pen & ink: ios (simple, all about the brushes here)
> picsart: iosandroid (collage, drawing, all in one kinda thing)

in collages we really trust!

> union: ios (collage, blending images, $ 1.99)
> bazaart: ios (super collages, $ 0.99)
> tangent: ios (collage, add shapes, patterns, $ 1.99)
> moldiv: iosandroid (collage)
> picxollage: iosandroidwindows (collage, easy to cut)
> picsart: iosandroid (collage and drawing)
> photogrid: iosandroid (video & collage)
> photolab picture editor: iosandroid (color effects, photo booth & fun!)

frames & layouts

> layout for instagram: iosandroid (good stuff)
> photocollage: android (extended grid, text, no watermark)
> layout for instagram: ios (swap, resize and mix photos)
> photogrid: iosandroid (video & collage-maker)

flowcharts / diagrams

> drawexpress diagram lite: iosandroid (diagrams + flowchart)
> mindly: ios (organize your inner self)
> voronoi diagram: ios (algorithms + things)
> mind vector: ios (plot thoughts in a map and more)
> grafio lite: ios (an extension of your fingertip!)
> draw express lite: iosandroid (apparently simple and intuitive)
> post it plus: ios (digital post-its and walls…)

we go 3d

> minecraft: iosandroidwindows (build with blocks, architecture)
> blockart hd free: ios (build with blocks, simply and easy)
> the sandbox game: ios and android (craft new worlds)
> matter: ios (3d objects in photos)
> blocks express: ios (creates lego bricks, it’s shit but ok, fair enough)
> sketchup: desktop (3d for everyone!)


> video merger: android (easy, no watermark)
> capture: ios (a must by google – supercool)
> replay: ios (self syncs audio with video)
> hyperlapse: ios (a must have)
> framelapse: android (…time-lapse…)
> episodic: ios (create a moving collage from disparate fragments)
> kinomatic: ios (pro lever video, $3.99)


> gifshare: ios (allows you to convert gif to video and share it )
> loopcam: ios (easy to use interface that lets you create animated gif )
> gifx: ios (impress your friends)
> phhhoto: iosandroid (moving pictures, yeah! bring everything to life)
> 5secondsapp: iosandroid (create gifs from photos + videos!)

stop motion

> stop motion video: ios
> picpac: android (stop motion and timelapse)


> roomscan: ios (floor plans drawings, 4,99$)
> magicplan: android (floor plans drawings)
> neybers: ios  ( play with interior design and decorate rooms using a vast range of modern and stylish products from real brands and designers)  #supercool

we edit images & love filters

> pixlr: androidios (crop, rotate, and fine-tune pictures)
> mextures: ios (super photo editor, $ 1.99)
> photoartista – haiku: ios (pics editor, artistic, $ 2.99)
> cameramx: android (pics editor, video editor, effects)
> camblast ios (filters, cool grunge + bokeh)
> adobe photoshop express: iosandroid
> effects studio: ios (non-destructive photo editor, whatever that means…)
> camera bag 2hd: ios (editor and layers)
> photolab picture editor: ios & android (color effects, photo booth & fun photography)
> afterlight: android (filters and textures)
> rollworld: ios, or small planet (android) (tiny planet photos and lots more)
> tiny planet: ios (from pictures to tiny planets or rabbit holes)
> polygen art: ios android ( create polygon art effect and generate crystal patterns )

you like to write ?

> hanx writer: ios  ( recreates the experience of a manual typewriter )

adobe apps (collaborate between them through creative cloud)

> adobe photoshop sketch: ios (drawing, sketching, using adobe brush brushes)
> adobe brush/capture: iosandroid (making brushes for adobe sketch and for photoshop)
> adobe draw iosandroid (drawing, sketching with grids or perspective help, using shapes form adobe shape)
> adobe shape/capture iosandroid (scanning drawings to make sketches)
> adobe color/capture iosandroid (making pallets from pictures, saving them to use with adobe line or sketch)

books apps

> interaction of color: ios (you know josef albers? this app is #supercool)


> camscanner: iosandroid (turn your smartphone into a scanner!)
> sky guide: ios (hold it towards the sky to find constellations, planets, satellites)