storytelling 1o1

storytelling 1o1 is a new course born from the design 1o1 experience.

once again, it is an experiment in which we want to learn, together with the students, how to conceive, develop and tell a collaborative story using social media and digital tools.
social media tools to be used to produce our story as well as to enjoy it.

storytelling in the age of the smartphone.
storytelling in the age of instagram.

in this extent it is important to note that our course will exist on instagram (and only there).

for our community is a completely new challenge: how to tell a story, transforming the course itself into a fabulous and incredible story. some people build a train and then make it run. some other people build the train while the train is already speeding up on the rail tracks. this is us. of course, we are building a story (and not a train).

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it’s a five-month journey divided in 3 parts. we’ll use the first part of the course to learn how to build characters and locations. then in the second part we will create the actual locations and characters for the final story. in the third part the magic will happen: collaboratively the real story will develop. using @storytelling1o1 account on instagram all the works developed by the students and the teachers will mingle into something never seen before.

the course will develop itself while doing it. at its beginning we’ll only have a faint idea of what will be the final outcome. it’s up to the community to define what will be the crowd-sourced story and its various parts, elements and details.

part 1: how to build characters and locations (a test)
part 2: the real characters and locations
part 3: the real story