#storytelling1o1 part 1/3

here we are, on we go!

#storytelling1o1 is an online – free – course on storytelling in the age of instagram. built by the same people (and with the same spirit) of #design1o1 and #architecture1o1, we are now addressing a new challenge: how to tell a story in the social media era.

the whole course lasts for six months (every week, monday to friday). there are three parts:

part 1: how to build characters and locations, 
part 2: your story, 
part 3: the collaborative story.

this is where we are at the end of the first part.

here you have the collection of the student’s works compiled into a beautifully designed book (as a special gift to you ;-D).

the book is available on lulu.com, a platform that allows a us to self-publish and distribute books in digital and physical format. a very interesting (and new) place for us to expand the boundaries of design1o1 universe (to infinity and beyond).

below you can find how to download the booklet, available in two versions:

#storytelling1o1 part 1/3 – here we are, on we go! (paperback edition)

here you can order the paperback version of our beautiful book.

it will be printed and sent to you for around $ 19.

this is the cost of book’s production and delivery (printing and shipping). design1o1 doesn’t earn any money from it (it’s truly is our gift to you :-D).

#storytelling1o1 part 1/3 – here we are, on we go! (digital edition)

if you really don’t want  get the printed book, here, you can download the e-book totally free.