instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-77

91.b  / 101 You don’t believe us?

What you see here, is one of the many stories happening at the same time.

These same characters, you can find them in other accounts, living different (or similar) stories.


Here we have our dear characters, built upon Propp’s theory. We have our hero (@tatjana1o1’s princess). Her long-sought prince (courtesy of @nomen_est_omen__), as well as a nasty villain (a nasty statue, trying to steal the princess love away). Ms birdhead is the “helper”, we are the voice-over and so on.

But if you check these other accounts, you will find this same stories with Propp’s ingredients mixed up and turned upside down. Which one is the good one? No one knows. Hopefully, we will understand more reading on.

Iggy Pop – Et si tu n´existais pas

instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-77