instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-78

91.c  / 101 Recap!

Regarding this specific story, all of us are currently on thin ice.

@nuphap’s hot air balloon exploded up in the sky (thanks to @stefi_idlab cigarette). @foscasalvi is currently trying to figure out what to do in order to move on.

The silly prince is currently flirting with the cute statue, the princess doesn’t like it at all, and she seems to be back into her dark thoughts.  Her magic object (the yellow pumpkin) seems to be quite useless, but now @claire bear arrived. Not sure he will help her or generate further pain.

The birdhead miss is in communication with @sonianrc birds.

All in all, it is an odd moment.

More, tomorrow…


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instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-78