instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-89

95.b  / 101 In the meanwhile, the white bear…

He found a place he liked very much and got off his bubble.

Very nice bear, we like him very much.

@claire_stories invented a great character and @nomen_est_omen__ was really helpful to make him absolutely stunning. We love our bear! Thank you @claire_stories, thank you @nomen_est_omen__


Honestly speaking, we like very much our new flying machine. @reginastorytelling bubbles are very comfortable, much better than our previous clunky balloon.

Softly drifting along the wind, we passed by @karenlili101 bubble. What a great world inside…
It seems that @karenlili101’s story reached its end.
Here we see her final image: thank you so much for being with us for such a long time!
See you next story!

instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-89