instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-90

95.c  / 101 What a twist!

Now, the japanese lady, revealed herself.
She is not a miss, she’s a gent!

For all these months, we thought she was a beautiful lady, but it was a fake.
The lady is a prince, a Japanese prince who sailed a long way to find his princess!


@tatjana1o1 princess was looking for a long-awaited prince. She lost weeks running after mr Headless. But then, there was another prince, looking for her.

When the Jap Prince revealed himself to her, she couldn’t believe to her eyes!


All of a sudden everything appeared to have a different meaning.

Ms BirdHead observes from above, and @michalsplhostorytelling1o1 curious creatures are happy for our beloved princess.

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instagram grid - storytelling 1o1 - part 3-90