maps, maps and maps!

here some maps we find super nice and inspirational!

ancient maps: 
> david rumsey map collection: over 2000 pictorial maps
> antique maps: free to download and print
> historical map collection: amazing

infographic maps:
> how the world works: a series of interesting infographic maps
how people live: spanish source, but international visuals!
> good magazine archive: on flickr

lettering maps:
> 14 literary maps to explore: when words become drawings, that’s magic!
> maps and lettering: great combination

creative maps:
> portraits out of maps: by one artist
> stop-motion made using paper maps by piers faccini: so cool!
> maps by matthew picton: stunning and made with wires
> geological maps, planets and our solar system: colorful!
> mouse movement maps: original and created by the movement of mouse
> food maps: by henry hargreaves
> hand drawn map association: a lot of drawers for a lot of maps!

maps collection:
the map room: a weblog about maps
> mapsdesign: beautiful maps
> radicalcartography: a huge collection!

if you want discover more you can check our own repository of maps on pinterest with a lot of nice and amazing maps!



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list of games

powder or micro stuff
> the sandbox game: ios, android (craft new worlds)
> powder game: ios, android (when the wind blows the falling leaves…)

3d puzzles
> monument valley: ios, android (manipulate impossible architecture)
> back to bed: ios, android (take control of Bob’s subconscious guardian)
> tri : of friendship and madness : windows
> portal 1 : ios, android, windows (very well-known for its creativity)
> portal 2 : windows

2d puzzles
> hitman go: ios, android (navigate spaces on a grid and avoid enemies)

other kinds of puzzles
> last voyage: ios (a game about space that is not about spaceships)
> criminal case: ios, android (solve a series of murder cases)
> the stanley parable : windows (famous indie-game which continuously breaks the fourth wall)
> brothers : a tale of two sons : windows (control two brothers to solve puzzles)

building blocks
> minecraft: ios, android, windows (build with blocks)

time and coordination!
> stack: ios, android (stack up blocks as high as you can)
> the tower: ios, android (build the tallest tower to reach the sky)
> stick hero: ios, android (stretch a stick to reach the platforms)
> mr. jump: ios (help him jump his way through)
> pursuit of light: ios, android (help the little girl get out of her endless dream)
> musiverse : ios, android (“surf” to the sounds of your favourite songs!)

time and patterns
> dots: ios, android (simple, addictive & beautiful)

color and geometry
> blendoku: ios, android (amazing puzzle game about color)

simulation worlds
> tiny tower: ios, android (build and manage a tiny tower)
> the sims: ios, android, windows (strategic life simulation game)
> city skylines : windows (build your own city)
> sim city : ios, andriod, windows (build your own city)

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repository of images vol.1

sometimes, google images is a quick and easy solution for finding images, but we should all know how to search (and find) the “special” ones, the “special” images… 🙂

here, a list of some image sources we found for you.

if you know any other good ones, please share them with us in the arena “tagging” Miri Esther, our responsible for keeping this list up-to-date!

thank you very much!


treasures: our tops of the tops
> the commons (on flickr): from the world’s public photography archives.
> retronaut’s time capsules: see the past like you wouldn’t believe.
> the metropolitan museum of art collection online // nice article here
> public domain review: beautiful vintage images collection
> stextures:thousands of high-quality stock textures and images that you can use anywhere
> wikimedia commons the open source images library of wikipedia
> the new york public library: digitalized original images from books, magazines and newspapers, mostly created before 1923.
> the internet archive:no-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music and more
> europeana collections:a lot of images, books, artworks, videos and sounds from Europe
> medieval and renaissance material culture: occupations, clothing, animals, tools, utensils, games, pastimes, crime, punishment… from the middle ages + renaissance!
> world digital library: search by place, time, topic, type of item… <3

other treasures: by google

> google art project: artworks, high-res + walk-through museums feature!
> world wonders project: explore historic sites as if you were there.
> historic moments: stories behind significant moments in human history.

cool sites with more “contemporary” visuals

> unsplash photo archive: super photographs
> booooooom (7 “o”): beautiful instagram collection
> free high res images, free videos as well!
> high res stock photos by creatives for creatives!
> free for non commercial use. “buildings” section is great.
> a serch engine for free images or wirth a specific licence.
> superfamous: hi-res images
> picjumbo: totally free pics just for you
> im creator: some free, some not, but worth it!
> gratisography: super nice images

and here’s an article on some other websites…


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#arc1o1exhibition goes to ural industrial biennial of contemporary art!

#arc1o1exhibition at okno gallery

from november 5 to 19, 2015,
on the occasion of the 3rd ural industrial biennial of contemporary art,
our #arc1o1exhibition is hosted at the fancy okno gallery in chelyabinsk, russia:

discovering space, 52 spaces
9 methods a lot of creativity in matchbox size

a super warm and grateful thank you to the okno gallery crew,
especially to art director svetlana shlyapnikova, director dmitry latukhin,
curator yana novoslugina for welcoming our matchboxes in such a beautifully curated way.

another very special thank you to our crew member dina neri for organizing the collaboration with okno gallery.

and finally, some nice images (and a video) to see:

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some digital apps we like

lucy in the sky…
> prismscope: ios (kaleidoscope camera)
> kaleidoscope drawing pad: ios, android (back to childhood! easy + pretty)
> fragment: ios, android (collage + prism, $ 1.99)

we let it rain
> colorlake: ios, android (add water / rain to photos + make videos)
> rain on screen: android (enjoy the raindrops)

we love special effects
> negative me: ios (reversing colors)
> glitche: ios (digital art, image editor, very complete, 0,99 euro)
> glitch lab: ios (digital art, image editor, glitch maker, free)
> marblemagic: ios, android (lens effect, pics editor)

we blend / overlay stuff
> fused: ios (image + video blending)
> image blender: ios (combining images with masks, 2,99 $)
> stackables: ios (layers, blending)
> ghost lens: ios (real-time image blender)
> instant blend: ios (combine images to create double exposure)

> auto cam: ios (timer for portraits)

we keep digital notebooks
> paper 53: ios (notes + sketches + watercolors)
> bamboo paper: ios, android (notes, sketches, drawing)
> sketchbook express: ios, android (sketching tools for ipad and tablets)
> inkflow visual notebook: ios (a word-processor for visual thinking)
> tayashui sketches: ios (sketching tools, lot of patterns)

we publish some as well!
> steller: ios (quick, easy, social)
> readymag (pretty awesome features)
> issuu: ios, android (magazines for all, feel the paper)

sometimes, we need vectorial stuff
> adobe illustrator draw: ios, android (scalable vector illustration)

in our free time, we play
> dots: ios, android (simple, addictive & beautiful)
> blendoku: ios, android (amazing puzzle game about color)
> tinder: ios, android (work hard, play hard) 😉

3d morphing, lights and colours
> 3d shape shifter: ios (drawing, touch, 3d morphing)
> magical rays: ios (drawing, touch, light)

generative stuff
> artree: ios (drawing tree, $ 0.99)

drawing / painting
> glow draw: ios, android (drawing with glowing colors)
> scribblify: ios, android (drawing, spectacular artwork in seconds!)
> fingerpaint magic: ios (painting, special effect, more complete than meritum)
> sumo paint: ios (symmetry tool, an experience!)
> pen & ink: ios (simple, all about the brushes here)
> picsart: ios, android (collage, drawing, all in one kinda thing)

in collages we really trust!
> union: ios (collage, blending images, $ 1.99)
> bazaart: ios (super collages, $ 0.99)
> tangent: ios (collage, add shapes, patterns, $ 1.99)
> moldiv: ios, android (collage)
> picxollage: ios, android, windows (collage, easy to cut)
> picsart: ios, android (collage and drawing)
> photogrid: ios, android (video & collage)
> photolab picture editor: ios, android (color effects, photo booth & fun!)

frames &  layouts
> layout for instagram: ios, android (good stuff)
> photocollage: android (extended grid, text, no watermark)
> layout for instagram: ios (swap, resize and mix photos)
> photogrid: ios, android (video & collage-maker)

flowcharts / diagrams
> drawexpress diagram lite: ios, android (diagrams + flowchart)
> mindly: ios (organize your inner self)
> voronoi diagram: ios (algorithms + things)
> mind vector: ios (plot thoughts in a map and more)
> grafio lite: ios (an extension of your fingertip!)
> draw express lite: ios, android (apparently simple and intuitive)
> post it plus: ios (digital post-its and walls…)

we go 3d
> minecraft: ios, android, windows (build with blocks, architecture)
> blockart hd free: ios (build with blocks, simply and easy)
> the sandbox game: ios and android (craft new worlds)
> matter: ios (3d objects in photos)
> blocks express: ios (creates lego bricks, it’s shit but ok, fair enough)
> sketchup: desktop (3d for everyone!)

> video merger: android (easy, no watermark)
> capture: ios (a must by google – supercool)
> replay: ios (self syncs audio with video)
> hyperlapse: ios (a must have)
> framelapse: android (…time-lapse…)
> episodic: ios (create a moving collage from disparate fragments)
> kinomatic: ios (pro lever video, $3.99)

> gifshare: ios (allows you to convert gif to video and share it )
> loopcam: ios (easy to use interface that lets you create animated gif )
> gifx: ios (impress your friends)
> phhhoto: ios, android (moving pictures, yeah! bring everything to life)
> 5secondsapp: ios, android (create gifs from photos + videos!)

stop motion
> stop motion video: ios
> picpac: android (stop motion and timelapse)

> roomscan: ios (floor plans drawings, 4,99$)
> magicplan: android (floor plans drawings)
> neybers: ios  ( play with interior design and decorate rooms using a vast range of modern and stylish products from real brands and designers)  #supercool

we edit images & love filters
> pixlr: android, ios (crop, rotate, and fine-tune pictures)
> mextures: ios (super photo editor, $ 1.99)
> photoartista – haiku: ios (pics editor, artistic, $ 2.99)
> cameramx: android (pics editor, video editor, effects)
> camblast ios (filters, cool grunge + bokeh)
> adobe photoshop express: ios, android
> effects studio: ios (non-destructive photo editor, whatever that means…)
> camera bag 2hd: ios (editor and layers)
> photolab picture editor: ios & android (color effects, photo booth & fun photography)
> afterlight: android (filters and textures)
> rollworld: ios, or small planet (android) (tiny planet photos and lots more)
> tiny planet: ios (from pictures to tiny planets or rabbit holes)
> polygen art: ios , android ( create polygon art effect and generate crystal patterns )

you like to write ?
> hanx writer: ios  ( recreates the experience of a manual typewriter )

adobe apps (collaborate between them through creative cloud)
> adobe photoshop sketch: ios (drawing, sketching, using adobe brush brushes)
> adobe brush/capture: ios, android (making brushes for adobe sketch and for photoshop)
> adobe draw ios, android (drawing, sketching with grids or perspective help, using shapes form adobe shape)
> adobe shape/capture ios, android (scanning drawings to make sketches)
> adobe color/capture ios, android (making pallets from pictures, saving them to use with adobe line or sketch)

books apps
> interaction of color: ios (you know josef albers? this app is #supercool)

> camscanner: ios, android (turn your smartphone into a scanner!)
> sky guide: ios (hold it towards the sky to find constellations, planets, satellites)

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