for general questions

> please ask our community members in the design 1o1 arena facebook group. most probably, they will be able to guide you.

> you can also use the hashtag #askdesign1o1 on instagram and twitter to ask questions. our community crew should be able to answer you quickly!

for further (more complex) inquiries

> you can reach to miss lola (the boss of it all) at: please note that she’s a busy lady.

for collaborations and/or more serious stuff

> you can contact anne-sophie gauvin, one of our course instructors and coordinators at:

for a “physical” meeting/visit (or some place to send a postcard)

> you can do so using this address:

via privata cascia 6, u10
20128 milano

we have many other addresses, but it would be too long to list them here…

:- )

thank you!