frequently asked questions

will the design 1o1 courses help me become a professional designer / architect / etcetc?

our courses will help you become better in something(s), as you will learn many valuable things. but they won’t replace the traditional curriculum you should follow to become a real professional designer / architect / etcetc.

is there a list of all the cool apps students have been using to make their homework?

yes! here it is.

which are the various social platforms for design 1o1?


> for general info within the 1o1 world (here

> for the design 1o1 redux lessons (here

> our daily picks from the architecture 1o1 course (here)


> the group or “arena” (here

> general info within the 1o1 world (here)  


> general info within the 1o1 world (here

you tube:

> our videos (here)


> architecture 1o1-related (here)

> design 1o1 redux-related (here


> great visual inspiration (here

i cannot find the answer to my question here… 

hmmm… if this is the case, please ask the community in the design 1o1 arena. there, someone should most surely have an answer for you. thank you! :- )