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learning by doing: online (and sometimes offline).
that’s what we do… very nice to have you here! :- )

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what's happening?


a collection of student’s “cookbook”, first test, and some specific features produced in the first part of #storytelling1o1

storytelling 1o1

storytelling in the age of the smartphone. storytelling in the age of instagram.


an introduction to fanzine-making composed of six standalone modules of one month. 

coming soon!

arch1o1 redux

architecture 1o1 redux

we’re getting ready for a second round of architecture 1o1. very exciting!

past courses


a journey into contemporary design through 101 exercises that started in october 2013 and ended in february 2014.


a six-month journey (january to june 2015) divided into 3 parts / courses “online”, one final exhibition / graduation party and a one-week summer camp “offline”. 

redux cover

november 2015 to may 2016: an introduction to design divided into a six-month journey of 3 courses “online” on iversity (part 1, part 2 and part 3), a final exhibition / graduation party and an “offline” spring camp.

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we come from all over the world! different faces, languages, cultures, skills and interests… some of us work / have been working / worked very hard for the “1o1” activities to function as they do. if you wish to join us, let us know!

sometimes we write (or find) articles on what we do… other times we “talk” about it. here is where we collect these kind of things… :- )

we get a lot of them. let us explain…

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