my home 1o1

myhome 1o1

myhome 1o1 is the new course of the 1o1 series.
running for 101 days from october the 16th, 2017 to january the 25th, 2018.

we did design 1o1.
we did architecture 101.
we did storytelling and zine.
now, it is time to focus our attention on our homes!

the aim of the course is to bring design 1o1 community to the great exhibition: 999. a collection of questions on contemporary living (the website will be online soon) which will take place at triennale di milano next january (12 jan – 3 apr 2018).

what we want to do is to collect a series of objects – objects you collect and objects you make – in order to reproduce the “home” of design 1o1 within the exhibition.

the course follows the design 1o1 structure, it will run for 101 days (roughly 3 months) divided in 3 parts.

part I: things to collect
part II: things to make
part III: things to record

everyday, we will send out an email to all students enrolled with instructions for the daily assignment and the hashtag to use. at the same time, you can get instructions and things following the course’s instagram account.

till now, it looks like any other design 1o1 course.
but then, from here on, everything goes one step beyond, a very ambitious experiment!

in order to bring fragments and pieces from your homes to the exhibition we need to move from online to offline.
the outcome of each exercise will be an image on instagram as well as a physical object – or a series of objects – to be finally shipped to milan, to become actual and real display in the exhibition space.

follow the course / instructions via email or instagram.
do your homework, posting your images on instagram.
collect the objects and things to ship them to milan to become the real display on show.

isn’t it cool?
to have design 1o1 home, next to the content of the other participants?
to have our special home, where all of us contribute with different things & stuff…

once again we need you help!
we need your help to run the course, to communicate with the students, but most of all we need your help to run the actual exhibition.

the exhibition is based on 999 ways of living, to generate 999 questions (with 999 possible answers). a series of workshops, encounters, debates, exchanges, performances, residencies, and more…

the exhibition runs on empathy, different people explaining different things, chitchat, let’s have a cup of tea.
in this extent, once we have our glorious display, we miss someone to welcome the visitors and explain who we are, what we do, why we do, la la la…

myhome 1o1 will have its own space, but being an important piece of the whole it would need a host, or a series of hosts, to welcome exhibition visitors.

the exhibition runs for 12 weeks so the plan is to find 12 (or more) of you who want to come to milan and attend the exhibition.

from our side, we can offer you a room in stefano’s house, an intense week with the fantastic crew who’s setting up the whole show, the chance to be part in the wildest and craziest exhibition ever seen at milan’s triennale.

for the people who want to help running the course, please write to me in private.
for the people who want enroll, here is the link to do so, and here is the instagram account on which we’ll publish the assignments.