zine 1o1

zine 101 is a series of courses about fanzines. together, we explore the immense, diverse, creative and fun world of self-published magazines.

the whole idea consists of six standalone modules running over a period of 2 years. each module lasts four weeks. in the first year, we learn about the basic techniques of zine-making and in the second year, we combine techniques with content.

zine 1o1 is special, exciting, experimental and very unique in that it’s completely designed and run by volunteers from the design 1o1 community: from the idea to the production of content, from the running-of all activities to collecting and integrating feedback in order to improve the next modules. 


on the last day of the spring camp of design 1o1 redux, bin was so excited that she felt like sharing her experience with others. when she talked about it with stefano, he said: “why not”?




the whole design 1o1 community was invited to take part in this new journey and many accepted the challenge.


people from all over the world have been working together to make zine 1o1 happen!


project manager: bin zhao

group 1. system of production
mario pertile (coordinator), rachel hoshino, glaucia burgi, viviana garnica, miri esther, stathoula palyvou, jillian joyce

group 2: exploring materials
karin nicole fink (coordinator), ni na, lyudmila zilberstein, barbara crimella, lara de carlo, isabelle ayel, barbara hoijtink, kathryn carter 

group 3: production
petra tikulin (coordinator), claire bolsens, aristotelis triantis, barreto jozefa, erdélyi andrás, antoine fadel, sonia roychowdhury

design experts
kat pse, sarah kaushik, chahrazed guir, xiaojin jian 

communication / social media / daily emails / course archive
isabelle ayel, lara de carlo, dariana nedelcheva, anna amalfi, kathryn carter

english language editors
karen lili, sonia roychowdhury

grading and commenting students’ homework
mario pertile, karin nicole fink, petra tikulin 

our great supporters and advisors
stefano mirti, anne-sophie gauvin, federica ricci, nuphap aunyanuphap